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Aug 25, 2013 2:45pm EDT
on the latest air-traffic technology with the gerald billingham, director of civil aviation issues for the government accountability office. that plus your calls live on "washington journal," at 7 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> we continue the discussion on foreign-policy in the middle east with with a look at al qaeda and its operations in this is from the foundation for defense of democracy. it is one hour and a half. >> i think we will get started. we have a full house. i am the president of the foundation for defense of democracies and i am pleased to welcome you to this discussion on al qaeda. we look forward to hearing from you i lay, the senior national security correspondent for "news -- "newsweek" and "the daily beast." and of course my calling, ms. sedin, senior fellow at journal. , most of your probably familiar with the organization. we would like to say that we start with as a polls and focus on research and policy and we try to achieve real progress. and those who are affiliated with sed in various capacities don't agree on everything. we like to have good solid deba
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1